Ils pronostiquent au bureau pour performer au travail ... Enquête

They predict in the office to perform at work ... Survey

To federate its employees and make relations between colleagues more pleasant, companies often resort to various team-building operations. Among these, there are the classics … then there is the business competition. Quentin and Cédric, two insider prognosticators, explain to us in this survey how the company prognosis competition has enabled them to be more efficient at work and has considerably improved their daily well-being.
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Combining sports competition and well-being at work

At first glance, it may seem funny, quirky, original. A prognosis contest in a company, why do it? All companies have different strategies to motivate their teams, to federate them. According to Quentin, who works at FNAC-Darty , this original company team-building is a very good initiative.

“When I was told that a prediction contest was going to be offered internally during the World Cup, I first thought it was a joke. In many companies where I worked, major sporting competitions were synonymous with relaxation for our superiors. There, my company saw it directly as an opportunity to improve thewell being at work. ”

So the teambuilding operation was set up, while hoping that France would go as far as possible in the competition, so that the employees would get caught up in the game for as long as possible. And the success was there, more than even expected.

“To tell the truth, I thought that this small internal communication operation was only going to concern a minor part of the employees. But with the extraordinary enthusiasm that took place throughout the competition and the unforgettable journey of our French team, few were those who did not get caught up in the game”.

As for the French team of 98 and 2018, the victory seemed almost unexpected. Cédric, who expected a participation of around 25% of the employees of his company, was quickly taken aback. Because it is more than 80% of FNAC-Darty employees who participated in the prognosis competition set up by his company.

“In every sense of the word, it was a pleasant surprise. Thiscorporate team buildingturned out to be much more impactful than I thought. I was just looking forward to the next one. “

A forecasting competition with a long-term impact

Because the objective of this type of corporate teambuilding is to offer a friendly moment throughout the duration of the competition (one month as a rule), but also that the effects on well-being at work are seen on the long term. For Cédric, an executive at Total, the company prognosis competition has changed his relationship with his employees.

“I am a soccer player. And if I can blame my team for something, it's that they don't follow football as much as I do. But during the last prediction contest in our company , some of my collaborators had better predictions than me, even though they know nothing about it! Inevitably, they did not fail to chamber me . It made us closer, we teased each other, we had to go see other services for advice, all that. And it has considerably changed the way we work together on a daily basis”.

As with all team-building operations, there is an immediate improvement in well-being at work. However, the effectiveness of this operation can only really be seen in its longevity. This is why it is scientifically proven that forecasting in the office allows you to perform better at work!

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